Physical & Mental Training

What is Physical & Mental Training?

The Physical and Mental training program comes with an individualized diet reccomendedation plan based on your current lifestyle, goals, and blood type. This training commitment comes with our initial talk through of goals and current lifestyle, going over mental exercises to set yourself up for success, on to four 1 hour in person or through live video work out sessions, as well as two 1 hour work out plans to go through on your off days. Work out sessions consist of breath work through out, specializing in connecting your brain to every muscle, working out every muscle with concious intention, flexibility, flow movement, finding your chi and using your entire body as one, and getting those muscles to burn. Of course we will only go as hard as your ready for, but be ready to be pushed. Weather your ready to commit one week or one month, be ready to transform your entire life, not just your body.